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"My partner and I highly recommend Mountain View Strength. We enjoy Sean’s positive attitude and personalized approach to training. If you are looking to improve your strength and mobility, do yourself a favor and contact him! What are you waiting for?!"

- Michael Mezzacapo, HI, Online Client
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"I’m always skeptical of rave reviews, but in my experience with Sean, it is absolutely warranted. Sean is a knowledgeable, experienced, and personable trainer whom I highly recommend!

I started training with him nine months ago because I sustained a shoulder injury that left me unable to do much on my own in the gym without pain. Our first goal was to support my recovery; Sean’s plan was extremely effective in getting me back to functioning fully. Now I’m working on getting stronger and meeting my personal goals. To that end, Sean provides varied workouts that challenge my brain as well as my body. He gives excellent guidance and encouragement along the way. He is friendly and genuinely cares about me. He assesses my progress every three months so I get objective measures of my success.

Outside the gym, he provides a quarterly newsletter and additional resources and he is extremely prompt with email communication. I’ve been extremely pleased with all aspects of his services and encourage others to train with him because he is an exceptional coach and super-nice guy."

- Dr. Stephen Paparo, MA
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"Sean is great to work with! He plans workouts that challenge yet don’t exceed your ability. It’s not long before you realize he’s helped you raise your personal bar. He changes things up on a regular basis to keep workouts interesting."

- Karen Pinkham
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"I've been working out with Sean for about two years and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I've had trainers in the past who wouldn't listen and just had me do what they wanted to do with little to no results. Sean listens, he targets what I want and my results have far surpassed my expectations. He'll push you to reach your goals and be your best.

Not only is he an amazing trainer, he's got a great wit and some good jokes. A genuinely nice person and great at what he does. I 100% recommend if you're looking to work with an amazing trainer."

- Kyle Stadig, Easthampton, MA
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"Back in October 2016, we decided to hire Sean as our personal trainer to get fit and tone up. We met for an assessment, talked about our needs and goals, and my husband, Bruce, mentioned how his shoulder sometimes bothered him with exercise. Sean took all of our information, and created a workout plan just for us. He even used specific exercises that wouldn’t hurt Bruce’s shoulder, and these days, it’s not even an issue. We lift weights, squat, lunge, deadlift, push and pull the sled, and there’s always something new! We push ourselves over and over again, wondering “What’s he got up his sleeve tonight?!”


Sean even assisted me with nutrition, and I’m not even “dieting.” I’m eating more protein, more GOOD carbs, and I don’t sit around counting calories. I’m also happy to tell you that I DID NOT have to give up bread, sugar, wine, half & half or anything, really. Nothing was off limits. I made a few tweaks to my diet, and thanks to his suggestions, today I am down ten pounds. 


Doing this as a couple has been a lot of fun. We are always encouraging each other, and we’ve had some great laughs. There’s nothing like discovering together just how uncoordinated you are! If you are looking for a personalized training experience, someone who listens to your goals, tailor-made workouts, a motivator, and a clean gym, then Sean Maher and Mountain View Strength are the answer. No excuses!"


Joy and Bruce, South Hadley


“My husband and I are in our 50s and moved to the area about 3 years ago. Over the past several years we had become less focused on diet and exercise, and were very busy with 2 new jobs. We determined we needed a way to make sure we focused on our health. We had never had a personal trainer before, and were uncertain how this would work. We are pleased to say that it has worked out really well.


Sean is encouraging and helpful. He is really thoughtful about exercises appropriate for our stage of training, and is also sensitive to any sore areas or old injuries we have had when choosing our workouts. He is very flexible about matching our schedules, and is able to make changes when needed. The great news - we have both lost weight. I lost 30 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes. My husband lost 50 pounds. We both feel better and our families are thrilled.


Very importantly, my husband has needed less medication for blood pressure, and his cholesterol and blood sugar are improved. I am thrilled he is so much healthier. We have been working with Sean for over a year, and are so pleased we plan to continue. He even helped our college age son get ready for lacrosse training over his winter break!"


Tony and Diane, South Hadley

Sean Maher is a terrific personal trainer.  Since I've been working with him over the past few months, I've seen my weight go down and my energy level increase by leaps and bounds.  During our sessions Sean is amazingly attentive, indeed inspiring; he thinks carefully about his clients' particular needs, and crafts a series of exercises designed to help improve conditioning and strength.  After working with Sean I have never felt so good--about my health, about myself.  I enthusiastically recommend Sean as a deeply caring and professional personal trainer who can transform how you feel in--amazingly--just a few weeks.


Donald W., Amherst

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