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Online Coaching 
& Hybrid Coaching

Why hire me for online coaching? Whether you have strength goals, fat-loss goals, or a combination thereof, my customized online coaching program WILL take you to the next level. Unfortunately, there are many "online coaches" selling one-size-fits-all programming for a quick buck, and they usually have very little in-person experience. I've been a personal trainer since 2009, I love what I do, take pride in my work, and I love getting committed individuals great results. 

Let's talk about the value of online training. Maybe you travel for work, work from home, or your schedule isn't a typical 9-5. Online training allows you to train when and where you want. Another valuable feature is getting full access to my personal resource library. This includes a host of helpful guides to keep you on track and accountable as you progress. Rather than being limited to your in-person time during sessions, this allows you to dive a little deeper into nutrition, mobility, and recovery. These are areas most trainers struggle to cover with their clients. 

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- It all starts with a FREE phone consultation to discuss your training history and goals.

- No cookie-cutter programs. All workouts are individualized to maximize your results.

- Weekly check-ins allow me to answer any of your questions and keep you accountable. 

- Gain access to my video library of more than 150 demonstration videos.

- No generic meal plans; individualized nutritional guidance considers your personal needs.

- You choose the number of sessions per week for a flat rate (no additional cost per day).

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Rear Leg Elevated Split Squat, online coaching, online training, fitness training, personal training

It's important that you have access to a variety of equipment for best results. A barbell, plates, and a variety of dumbbells at the very least.


If you're local to the gym, you might consider hybrid training. Hybrid training allows you to complete your first week of training under supervision at the gym. The remainder of each month will be completed on your own as an online coaching client with all the same perks. Unlike online coaching, pricing IS dependent on the number of days you choose to train. Call today for hybrid coaching pricing.

Online Coaching Pricing

1 Month - $300

3 Months - $825  ($275/Month)

12 Months - $2,700  ($225/Month)

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