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Personal Trainer, Online Coach

Sean Maher

Owner, Mountain View Strength

B.S. Food and Nutrition

NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist

Functional Movement Systems, Level 1

Precision Nutrition, Pn1

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Thanks for checking out my site! My name is Sean Maher, and I'm a personal trainer living and working in the Hampshire county. For more than a decade I've been working with people to improve their dietary habits, keep them strong, moving well, helping them lose weight, and more. I've worked with a wide variety of people, from 80 year olds trying to stay out of low-back pain, to D1 athletes increasing their strength in the off season. They're individuals who are committed to their well-being, and making progress everyday. 

No matter your goals, you can become a stronger, more-capable version of yourself. To help get you there, I listen. I assess and screen. Observe and measure. I consider your needs and goals, and provide you with one of the most comprehensive programs around. Then, I coach. And I love it. If you're used to seeing TV trainers yell at people while making them do ridiculous exercises, my style of training is about as opposite as it gets. 


Anyway, I'm done talking about myself - your turn!  Send me a message, and let's get started today!


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